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Listen, I’m born Cuban and Italian and I came out speaking. I love talking with people and having conversations. When I speak to groups, teams, and organizations, I’m having a conversation with them. We’ve all attended those conferences were the speaker drugs on about something we can’t even remember now. I’ve sent those audiences and know what it’s like.

I speak on topics that range from social media to diversity to small change for big impact. All of this is about connection and people. Want to do better about getting more attention for your business? Are you having a conversation with your buyers? Want to have a more motivated strong culture at your company or organization? How’s that conversation going? Want to change the way you interact with your community? It starts with the conversation.

I can sure you had asked the right questions to get the conversation started and then keep it going!

See mom, all that extra talking the teacher said I did in class, it’s now paying off!

Speaking topics include :
Social Media training
Content Marketing
Mobile Marketing
Video Training
Social Networking
Presenting 101
Networking 101
Small Magic topics include :
Small Change for Big Impact
Be the Change
Bridging the Gap