Transcend the Bullshit

I have a shirt with that phrase on it and it couldn’t be more appropriate for what has transpired in my world in the last week. But let’s back up and talk a little bit about said bullshit, yes? I LOVE, I mean LOVE, when my friends do well and succeed. It’s a win for […]

hello, my name is murphy…

do you ever have one of those days where you probably should have just stayed in bed? welcome to my day… now listen, i’m not really a whiner but how much can one take when one is already in a bad mood OR because i’m in a bad mood, did i bring the negative energy […]

wtf…witches and bullies and tea parties, oh my!

wtf! now we have witches running for office, candidates against illegal immigration hiring illegal immigrants (and then not hiring them), cyber bullies doing the unthinkable: showing a kid having sex on the internet, tea party candidates giving morality lessons (thank you, jim demint) and obama pretty much taking the blame for everything…i think we all […]

I freakin’ LOVE school- the retraction

ok…so last week i was all high and mighty about how much i LOVE school! well, the class i was talking about is fine BUT in the middle of my otherwise calm, relaxing weekend, i find out that i only got 55% on my posts from the other class… now, i don’t freakin’ love school […]

who else is ticked?

i am SO tired of people bellyaching about everything under the sun. you (and you know who you are) are energy vampires who suck the life blood out of me everytime i have to listen to your b.s.! the so-called non partisan crew we have in power right now is number one on the list […]

argument tip #3

yet another tip from my series on arguments… this one i experienced this past weekend…never get up from a heated discussion and start slamming inanimate objects around. it merely serves as fuel for the fire and does nothing but make your situation 100 times hotter than it was 5 seconds ago. now, if you’re the […]

uncle! or God

ok…so today has been one of those days for me….business this week has been nearly nonexistent, my wife and roommate got into an argument this morning which is no fun for the rest of the house, i had a board meeting that lasted 8 hours and felt like a battle AND my laptop crashed yet […]

argument tip #2

thank you for rejoining the series on arguments… tip #2 i have found sarcasm to be invaluable in an argumentative setting particularly when the goal is to drive your co-arguer into a blind rage…one so explosive as to have a blood vessel burst. for you novices out there, i do not recommend this as a […]