The Small Magic of Thank You

Recently, I was hanging out with one of my favorites, Krayl Funch. She’s an amazing person AND she’s an amazing home stylist! I know; I’ve seen her work. We were talking about all kinds of things and then she said two words to me: “thank you.” She also said a bunch of other words but […]

Small Magic and Halloween

Yesterday was Halloween. That officially marks the start of the holiday season. Today, we’ll start seeing Christmas decorations go up and we’ll all have visions of yummy roasted turkey in our heads (well, except the vegans and vegetarians). That’s ok. I decided this year I’d do the holidays on my own schedule. This year has […]

SMALL MAGIC is for Quitters

I know, I know – most people don’t want to be thought of as a quitter. AND quitting has a really negative connotation. I want you to look at it a bit differently. Ask yourself these questions: Have you ever stayed in a relationship longer than it was healthy? Have you ever stayed at a job […]


The last month has been challenging to say the least. Between hurricanes, earthquakes, and shootings, there’s a lot more bad in our newsfeeds, on our TVs, and in our conversations. I don’t know the answers. What I do know is that we should all make an extra effort to be kind to each other. God […]

The Small Magic of Generosity

My mom, Mama Sandra, has always been one of the most generous people I know, to a fault. She always taught all her kids to be giving and generous and not to make it all about us or to hoard our gifts from others. Sometimes, she did this to the degree that I thought was […]

Dame Un Besito

For the longest time, when I was a kid, I thought my grandmother’s name was “Sito.” Every time she’d see me, she’d throw her arms wide open and say “Dame un besito!” I thought that meant come to Sito and for years I called her that. It actually means “give me a kiss!” Grandma was […]

Transcend the Bullshit

I have a shirt with that phrase on it and it couldn’t be more appropriate for what has transpired in my world in the last week. But let’s back up and talk a little bit about said bullshit, yes? I LOVE, I mean LOVE, when my friends do well and succeed. It’s a win for […]

Nana and the Small Magic of Just Being Yourself

My Nana was the original character. She would have the entire family over for Sunday lunch and make enough food for five Sunday lunches. Imagine getting off the elevator in her apartment building and smelling the aroma of sauce and meatballs all the way down at the end of the hall. Opening the door and […]

Small Magic and The Law of Relativity

I’m not rich. I don’t have $1 million in my bank account waiting for me to spend on something extravagant. Hell, I don’t have $1,000 in my bank account waiting for me to spend on something I need. But I do have my bills paid, food, a roof over my head, clothes and everything I […]