when i grow up?

the other day the wife and i are driving somewhere and i asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up and she says…”i’m almost 50! i’m too old for that now.” that kind of caught me off guard. it made me mad AND sad at the same time. why? because i’m not […]

Roller Coaster of Life…Say What?

yes, boys and girls…I have been on the roller coaster of life for the past few weeks and let’s just get this clear…i HATE roller coasters! i have been going through a little something something here for the last couple three weeks and i think i finally got the weird looking carny guy with the eye patch […]

it just doesn’t matter…

repeat after me…it just doesn’t matter…what doesn’t matter? the little things that happen in your life to knock you off your track. a new friend i recently made said that “Every exit is an entrance to somewhere else. When you have obstacles and have a door close on you, another door opens. Don’t cry over […]

retract the retraction?

ok…so i may have overreacted ever so slightly about my prof. he graded me fairly and i just need to “learn” him a little better. had The Profclass tonight and much better. giving the guy the benefit of the doubt AND it didn’t hurt that he told me how smart i am. either he is […]

a third party?

i think i’m a demopublican…maybe, i’m a republicrat….i don’t know which one it is but why do we even have to have parties. maybe i’m naive but i think having parties promotes this separatism in our governement. i’m not so naive to think we wouldn’t have sides but i think we waste an AWFUL lot […]

who else is ticked?

i am SO tired of people bellyaching about everything under the sun. you (and you know who you are) are energy vampires who suck the life blood out of me everytime i have to listen to your b.s.! the so-called non partisan crew we have in power right now is number one on the list […]

argument tip #3

yet another tip from my series on arguments… this one i experienced this past weekend…never get up from a heated discussion and start slamming inanimate objects around. it merely serves as fuel for the fire and does nothing but make your situation 100 times hotter than it was 5 seconds ago. now, if you’re the […]

argument tip #2

thank you for rejoining the series on arguments… tip #2 i have found sarcasm to be invaluable in an argumentative setting particularly when the goal is to drive your co-arguer into a blind rage…one so explosive as to have a blood vessel burst. for you novices out there, i do not recommend this as a […]

argument tip #1

i have decided to share my vast knowledge of  argument management and any tips i have picked up along the way…periodically, i will be giving you some useful hints with regard to arguments, how to have one or avoid one, what to say to escalate a situation and what to say to get the hell […]

it’s official…i’m a twitter-holic

me: hi, my name is lisa and i’m a twitter-holic group: hi lisa me: i have not been clean at all and i don’t wanna… i have said many times before now…i do NOT need another vice, particularly one that plants my butt in front of my computer for several hours. BUT my pusher, deek, […]