So, a little about me…

I’m a speaker, writer, storyteller, social media marketer and master egg poacher. I’ve had a very diverse career path which has spanned the spectrum from fishing supply salesman to professional touring musician to liquor store sign painter to marketing professional. Let’s just say I’m well rounded.

BUT, I didn’t stop there. I wanted something more.

I’ve always just known that I would make a big impact. I’ve always wanted to affect change and impact people on a grand scale. Well, that didn’t happen…or so I thought.

I realized that I HAVE helped people…thousands of them in many different ways. From giving them fishing equipment so that they can provide for their families to helping them see how much a 750 of Jack Daniels costs ( that’s a thing, isn’t it?) to providing them with entertainment (I suppose that depends on your definition of entertainment) to helping hundreds of businesses and organizations get more exposure and improve their positions.

I was already making a impact. AND I realized that this big impact was forged from years of small acts. I call that SMALL MAGIC.

Now, I want to use SMALL MAGIC to help you!

Whether it’s changing the world, your organization, your community or you, I’m all I and am ready to help you!

AND helping you achieve your dreams is my dream.

Meet The Team


Sales Assistant

I spend my free time practicing yoga, reading books, happy hour with friends, walks with my dad, brunch with my mom and wine tasting with my sister! Travel is the key to my soul. I make it to Italy and France every year to eat my way through the cities and lounge on the beach…and of course shop! I just bought my first house and couldn’t be more blessed.

Rachel Kane

Brooke Bradford

Brooke handles all things digital for Lisa Demmi

Brooke Bradford does webdesign in Santa Cruz California. She Grew up in Northern Nevada and before becoming a web designer, followed a career in broadcasting in the Monterey Bay area. She holds a Bachelors degree from Southern New Hampshire University in graphic design for the web with a concentration on Web design, as well as certificates in web design, graphic art. print design and  photography from Cabrillo College, Aptos, CA

Brooke is the technical director for the imagine short film festival which screens video by and about people with developmental disability, Downs Syndrome and Autism. She has lobbied for health care initiatives in Washington DC.

Brooke  specializes in wordpress websites and website security.