The Small Magic of Thank You

Recently, I was hanging out with one of my favorites, Krayl Funch. She’s an amazing person AND she’s an amazing home stylist! I know; I’ve seen her work.

We were talking about all kinds of things and then she said two words to me: “thank you.” She also said a bunch of other words but those two were the most important of the conversation. She went on to say that so often we forget to thank people and acknowledge them. She’s right and I’m totally guilty of that.

Now, how good do you think I felt when Krayl thanked me? I felt great! Here’s what’s really cool. You have the POWER to make someone feel great just by saying “thank you.” I know I always say this but this requires no preparation or special equipment. You don’t have to get ready to thank anyone- you just do it!

Here’s my challenge to you:
I want you to thank at least one person every day for the next week, seven days. You can thank someone who holds the door open, your best friend for checking in on you, your significant other for making you a nice dinner, and so on. Notice how it makes them feel. AND also, see how it makes YOU feel.

I bet you both feel amazing. So, thank YOU for reading this post!

Have a great day and be Magic!