Where Did SMALL MAGIC Start?

Meet Sandra Chewning. She is my 5’1″, 70-something Cuban mom (She’s the one in the middle).
She got married at 19 and had me at 20. In those days, women got married, had babies, and stayed at home. That was the plan.
When I was 18, my parents divorced, and my mother, who’s whole education after high school consisted of a secretarial certificate, was back in the workforce. My mother went out and got a job as a part-time bank teller for a small local bank. She eventually moved to a full-time position and became a floor agent with a desk. Her career was peppered with raises, promotions, and accolades. AND she did this all while raising four girls as a single mother, getting remarried, and adding two boys to the mix. My mom actually retired as a VP for Bank of America.
Wow, Lisa, your mom sounds amazing. But where is the small magic?
Great question and I’ll be sharing that more with you in the upcoming posts.
But here’s a sneak peek.
Why do you think my mom was so successful?
One thing – she gave herself the gift of believing in HER and just putting one foot in front of the other. THAT was her first act of small magic and she instilled that in not only her kids, but also anyone who’s path she crossed on the way.
So stay tuned for more stories about Mama Sandra in the small magic I learned from her.