Where Did SMALL MAGIC Start?

Meet Sandra Chewning. She is my 5’1″, 70-something Cuban mom (She’s the one in the middle). She got married at 19 and had me at 20. In those days, women got married, had babies, and stayed at home. That was the plan. When I was 18, my parents divorced, and my mother, who’s whole education […]

Transformation Through Small Magic

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve been trying to make sure what I write is perfect and it dawned on me: That’s the excuse I’ve been using for not posting. From here on out you’ll be getting the not so polished, real, authentic me. So, here I go. The last six months have […]

Don’t Believe The Hype

… Or don’t get seduced by attention. Last week, I talked about being on a roller coaster (still on it and screaming like a little girl the whole way) AND learning to embrace it. The parts of the roller coaster ride but I really do enjoy are the swings back up and get a get […]

The SMALL MAGIC of Vulnerability

The definition of vulnerable is “susceptible to physical or emotional attack on harm.” DISCLAIMER: no one was physically attacked or harmed during the writing of this post. Who wants to be vulnerable? No one! No one in their right mind wants to knowingly make themselves susceptible to any kind of attack or harm. BUT… living […]