I Can’t Write

BUT, I’m a writer. Makes no sense at all, does it. I have written all of my life…from made for TV movies when I was a kid in middle school to poetry when I was finding myself to countless blog posts and articles….UNTIL, I said I wanted to be a writer for my career.

Thanks for the smack across the face reality. image

I have talked to friends, mentors, other writers, my girlfriend and really anyone else who might listen trying to figure out why now, all of the sudden, I can’t write.

I don’t really have an answer but I thought writing might help me figure out why I can’t write. And then it hit me. I AM and CAN write. I’m actually doing it right now.

I think in my mind I have this idea of what a writer should write and how it should look and be AND that’s just some made up BS I’ve been listening to from my brain. Not accurate by the way…just my own thoughts about it.

I realize that for me, writing is like a conversation and Lord knows I can talk! So why not just have conversations instead of “sitting down to write.”

Sounds a lot less complicated to me and I think I’ve been trying to make the process complicated.

Well, that’s it for now because this was exhausting. You can’t see me but I’m winking.


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