Here We Are Again

The end of another year and here we are again.

I’m still wondering what happened to January.

2013 was a huge year of change for me. Kinda sounds like the psychic who says she sees a change coming for me, right?
2013 I learned a lot. I tried to unlearn some things as well.

I learned that hard work is hard work and that working hard doesn’t always pay off but working smart has a better chance of it.

I learned that there are some people who’ll be in my life forever and some people are gone and that my family is a consistent and safe place for me in my life.

I learned that I have a lot more to learn.

I learned I have a lot to teach and share.

I learned that people, by and large, are good. Not everybody has the safe place I have to help keep them on track.

I learned I get tired a lot more easily than I used to.

I learned that I am very happy with the direction my life is going and that sometimes I hiccup and feel sorry for myself.

I learned that sometimes, I lack confidence and that sometimes, I’m an arrogant asshole.

I learned that being gay has not stopped me in my life…ever and that has so much to do with the acceptance of my family and even more so, the acceptance of myself. (tweet this)

I learned that smiling and laughing is more fun than frowning and complaining, yet I still do the latter a whole lot more than I want to.

I learned that comparing myself to others is just plain stupid.

I learned that a sense of humor is sexy BUT that it always needs to be used with respect.

I learned that being old is a state of mind.

I learned that sometimes, my state of mind is old.

I learned that I am lucky.

I learned that I am lucky because I found the person who lets me be me and I thank God that our paths crossed because I don’t want to think about life without her.

I also learned that I’ll never stop learning.

The end of another year and here we are again….thankfully.

Lisa and Lynn

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