reality tv for christians?

i’ll admit it…i watched a lot of reality tv lately and it all has the same basic formula. you have 10 strangers…a diverse group usually, men, women, gays, all ethnicities…anyway, they all have a common interest or talent and it dawned on me. what about a reality tv show for the best christian?

i have it all pictured in my mind. a televangelist (doesn’t matter; you pick one) would be the host. the contestants would be from all denominations and we could throw in an atheist for good measure. they’d participate in quick fire challenges and that only means that they would be tempted by the devil to see how long they could last. for instance, the first quick fire challenge could be to see who does give into some temptation posed by the devil. the loser burns in the fire of hell.

for the final challenge they all have to enter some challenge like “wwjd?” the panel of judges is the trinity and some guest christian who has not been found to be texting lewd pictures, meeting men in airport urinals or some other sin that they have more than likely condemned some other less than perfect christian…yet. the son will tell all the finalists what they did wrong and then look over to the father to pick the worst christian. the worst christian then tells the holy trinity that they made a mistake and they don’t know what they’re talking about right before he or she is damned to hell forever. the best christian gets announced and mind you, the others can’t be jealous because that just wouldn’t be christian. they all sing a song of praise and go back to the loft and read the bible until all hours of the night.

the end.

it could happen…

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