God does NOT hate fags

Hey Fred…FYI…God does NOT hate fags. As a matter of fact, God MADE fags. Even better, God LOVES fags and anybody else who might be your neighbor…even Baptists from Westboro Church. To borrow a phrase recently made popular by an ex-witch…I am you. Yes Fred, I am you. Not the asshole, bible thumping jackass part but the human part. We are all humans. Something else Fred, we are born gay. I know you’ll find this hard to believe BUT why would anyone in their right mind choose to be gay and make themselves targets for idiots who think picketing soldier’s funerals is the right thing to do. Yes Fred, you may have the right to free speech but what about the responsibility to act like a respectful human. What would Jesus do? Not what you do, Fred…Jesus has a heart and a soul. Those are two things I’m afraid you were born without.

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