a third party?

i think i’m a demopublican…maybe, i’m a republicrat….i don’t know which one it is but why do we even have to have parties. maybe i’m naive but i think having parties promotes this separatism in our governement. i’m not so naive to think we wouldn’t have sides but i think we waste an AWFUL lot of time on being one side or another and then pointing out the differences or what’s wrong about the “others.” then there are the other parties…the tea party, the log cabin party, the independents….these parties just cloud the rest of it so that the dems and the gop can keep running the show…cue the national anthem! how about one party, the people party? vote for what you think and feel and not what your party says you should. vote for the best not for the rest….USA! USA!

seriously guys, can’t we all just get along?