argument tip #3

yet another tip from my series on arguments…

this one i experienced this past weekend…never get up from a heated discussion and start slamming inanimate objects around. it merely serves as fuel for the fire and does nothing but make your situation 100 times hotter than it was 5 seconds ago. now, if you’re the type that likes it a little spicy, by all means, slam at your hearts content! AND to turn it up even a few notches more respond to the question “do you have to slam things around every time you get mad?” with “i’m not slamming now…this is slamming!” and then break something as a punctuation. i have found that this has a 100% success rate for not speaking to each other for the rest of the night and then sleeping on the couch.

remember…amateurs, this is a master technique and should not be practiced with out a full blown black belt in observation.

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