i wanna…

these days i often find that i say to myself outloud (much to the dismay of those people around me at target or publix) that i wanna do this or i wanna do that. now i know i am not alone here because we have all said many times to ourselves, our friends, families, loved ones, sometimes anyone who’ll listen (the poor guy on the elevator with you, the nice woman minding her own business picking out ripe tomatoes at the grocery store, etc) that we wanna be/ do/ feel anywhere or way but the way we are right now. it’s definitely fantasy…so i started trying to remember all the things i say to myself that i wanna do,be, live and i thought it would make for a funny (maybe sad too, but still funny) list. so here it goes…

I wanna be…

a writer
a retired person (one of my personal favorites)
a kept woman (also one of my personal favorites)
an artist
a musician
a furniture maker
a singer
an actor
a voice over person or whatever you call it
a newspaper columnist
a philanthropist (i always get stopped by the whole i don’t have the money for it part)
a teacher
a politician
a motivational speaker (HA!)
a radio talk show host
hell, any kind of a talk show host
did i say a kept woman yet?
a house flipper (hello, have i seen the economy lately?)
rachel maddow
anybody except me
no one else but me

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