Thanksgiving Day Schedule

Wake up and smell the coffee
Drink some
Walk to Starbucks with the girlfriend and the five dogs and drink more coffee
Get a pumpkin scone (i’m very festive)
Come home and wander around for two hours
Go to Mom’s house with the girlfriend for an intimate family gathering of 25
Eat a lot of turkey and fixins
Watch football
Fall asleep spread eagle on the floor with at least one, possibly two jeans buttons undone (for some reason this amuses the girlfriend)
Repeat steps 7-9
Go home

There are miscellaneous items interspersed between steps 7-9 such as:

Talk real loud hoping someone can hear you over the din and will actually listen to what you have to say
Ask Dad several times over to change the tv from the SciFi channel back to the football game
Watch one or two family members get a little more tipsy than they said they would
Try NOT to think about work
Marvel at how cute my little niece is
Feel lucky to have a really great family

Be thankful….or in the immortal words of Elmer Fudd “Be vewy, vewy, thankfew.”

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