somebody talk me out of this

ok…i’m going to tell on myself a little this morning…

in the last couple of years or so i have often thought of running for an elected local position. i think of this for a few reasons…

i want to make a difference (sounds a bit like the question portion of the miss florida contest, doesn’t it?)
i love tampa and want to contribute to it’s future and growth/development
i really enjoy the political arena for some strange reason

here are the reasons i say no to myself

politics can be deceptive, back door, do as i say not as i do, bs
i would not be willing to sell my soul for anything
i think politics looks a bit like music does from an outside point of view…glamorous, helping people, making a change in your world…in reality is it trudging from one fundraiser to the next, placating the lobbyists, pundits (another word i’m not fond of), dealing with issues that really don’t hold a lot of impportance, handling an entourage, blah, blah, blah…

what have i decided to do, you ask?

i have put in an application for a citizens’ advisory council to the hillsborough board of county commisioners to be involved in the human relations issues they face.

someone tell me i’m crazy and what am i thinking by even “entertaining” this idea. i have been involved for a short while in a local business organization and have made it to the board. what i find curious here is the extreme amount of “politics” that takes place in our little 550 member organization. we take it serious folks. should i look at that as a harbinger of things to come and politely say “no thank you” should i get the call? OR should i nut up and see what all this “politics business” is about before i retrieve my hat from the ring?

just random musings on a dreary gray morning…

enough serious talk for now…the “wife” and i have to take our pug to “Pugsgiving for pugs in the park”

operators are standing by…

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