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I speak on topics that range from social media to diversity to small change for big impact. All of this is about connection and people. Want to do better about getting more attention for your business? Are you having a conversation with your buyers? Want to have a more motivated strong culture at your company or organization? How’s that conversation going? Want to change the way you interact with your community?
I can sure you had asked the right questions to get the conversation started and then keep it going!

It starts with the conversation.


Listen, we all know training can be boring but it doesn’t have to be!
I bring a different perspective to the process. For me I’ve always retain the things better when I enjoyed the process and actually engaged in it.
I try to get to know the personality, strengths, and weaknesses of every person I train so that I can connect more closely and train into your listening and learning, not from my teaching. My style is informal and interactive and I know after a day with me you’ll either have learned more than you expected or at the very least, learn the minimum but learned it so that you’re actually retain it. And by the way you will have enjoyed being with me and participating!


What I found is that it’s easier for most people to look outside of themselves and invest in others. We feel guilty spending time and energy on ourselves or more likely, were using “BUSY” as an excuse to work on ourselves. It’s easier because work is well, work.

I break down your goals in a small chunks of attainable milestones that are reachable and will stick because you’re not trying to conquer the mountain all at one time. The other thing about goals is we often think we have to achieve them alone. Not true. Having a coach increases your chances of success by a minimum of 67%. I’ll be here the whole way with you!

And by the way, we’ll have fun doing it….mostly.

Lisa Demmi

  • "I’ve always just known that I would make a big impact. I’ve always wanted to affect change and impact people on a grand scale. Well, that didn’t happen…or so I thought."

  • I realized that I HAVE helped people…thousands of them in many different ways.

  • I was already making a impact. AND I realized that this big impact was forged from years of small acts. I call that SMALL MAGIC.

Lisa Demmi