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You Suck At Social Media

That’s ok. A lot of people do. Good news? That can be fixed. Bad news? You probably can’t do it on your own. Better news? I can show you. Best news? We’re gonna have fun doing it!

What if I told you I could help you create relationships using social media that would have your audience listen to you? What if I told you that you could get a lot more exposure for your business or service and that would translate into really strong leads for your sales force? What if I told you that there was no tooth fairy? Wait, how’d that get in there?

Listen, there’s a lot, I mean a LOT of noise in our lives and who wants to add more? Not me and not you. So, how do we crack through that barrier and actually have people hear us? By being authentic and really caring about how we present ourselves online and what we share. AND even more importantly, how we show our prospective clients that we care about them AND how we can help fix their problems.

This is called Small Magic! No, you do not have find someone to saw you in half, get a rabbit in a hat or get a cape (well, the cape could be cool).  BUT, you do have to be confident in your voice, let people get to know you and put your clients and prospective clients first. Remember the better news? I can show you how. AND I promise it’s not hard.

Lisa Demmi is a speaker, coach, social media trainer who changes the world by changing our communities


I speak about social media and relationship marketing. Really it’s more of a conversation that I have with my audience. Today, you have to take advantage of every avenue to get exposure. Social Media done right can out you a step ahead of your competition. Believe it or not you already have everything you need. When I share, it’s always coming from a place where I’ve been there, done that, already made the mistake for you. Whether it’s Facebook, LinkedIn,Instagram, YouTube or any of the usual suspects, my talk will always be relevant, on the edge and entertaining.

I’m funny, just ask me!


We all know that training can be boring, but it doesn’t have to be. My style is to use a combination of show you and hands on, because most people learn better when they do. We can go over the hurdles you have before I send you out into the world. AND honestly, I don’t want to do all the work. My training sessions are always interactive and applicable. AND yes, we do take breaks because some of us have bladders the size of thimbles. You WILL get results and I promise that you will always walk out of a session knowing what to do and how to implement it and there’s always some little extra tidbit thrown in because let’s face it, who doesn’t like extra as in extra fries, please.


There are all kinds of ways we can work together. I have a plethora (does anyone use that word anymore?) of programs that can be customized for your group, organization or even, just you! If you’re a DIYer, there are courses you can do on your own. If you’re like me and you just need people, I also have classes where you and I get to work together. Did I hear someone say workshop? Yep, I have those. What about Mastermind or facilitation. Incidentally, I didn’t like the word facilitation so I looked up its synonym from the Thesaurus and it said “organic phenomenon.” We’re going to stick with facilitation AND I have those too.

It all starts with a conversation. Let’s have one!


big impact

Lisa Demmi

  • "I’ve always just known that I would make a big impact. I’ve always wanted to affect change and impact people on a grand scale. Well, that didn’t happen…or so I thought."

  • I realized that I HAVE helped people…thousands of them in many different ways.

  • I was already making a impact. AND I realized that this big impact was forged from years of small acts. I call that SMALL MAGIC.

Lisa Demmi

kindness as a super power